What Will Be Left For My Heirs?

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The illustration below makes the following assumptions:
The HECM lifetime monthly payment to the senior in the amount of $988.53 was assumed as the homeowner’s choice of how they would like to receive the reverse mortgage proceeds. A monthly adjustable interest rate of 7.130% was used. The national average real estate appreciation is 7%. In this example we have used 4% as the annual appreciation for the property.

Today10 Years Later20 Years Later
ValueValue 10 Years LaterValue 20 Years Later
Homeowner’s Age:687888
Home Value:$300,000$444,073$658,337
Mortgage Balance:-0-$208,480$603,915
Trapped Equity:

(may be left to heirs)


As you can see from the above illustration that even if you receive payments from your home equity for 20 years in this case, you are still able to leave a nice chunk of change to your heirs.

After that, if you continue living, you win. YOU WILL HAVE BEATEN THE BANK! In this scenario, by the time you are 90 years old the mortgage balance begins to exceed the value of the home. Your trapped equity has been put to good use… your improved lifestyle. HOWEVER, YOU STILL CONTINUE TO RECEIVE $988.53 EVERY MONTH FROM THE LENDER NO MATTER HOW MUCH LONGER YOU LIVE, AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN IN YOUR HOME. This is when the government insurance kicks in and makes the lender whole after you permanently leave your home and your loan balance is greater than the amount your home can be sold for. Your heirs and your estate are NEVER required to make up the shortfall. That’s the true beauty of today’s Reverse Mortgage. Our motto is “Live Long, Live Healthy, and take out a reverse mortgage.” ¬†You can’t lose.

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