Reverse Mortgage Videos

AARP has been a leading advocate for making sure that senior citizens considering a reverse mortgage loan, are well informed before deciding whether this type of home equity loan is right for them. To that end, AARP suggests 5 important questions to ask yourself before you make your decision.

Listen to what borrowers say about their experiences with a reverse mortgage.

The HECM for Purchase reverse mortgage allows borrowers to use a combination of their own funds and the cash from an FHA insured reverse mortgage loan to buy a house. Using a reverse mortgage for purchase can be useful from a financial planning point of view as well as from a practical point of view. You can leverage your retirement assets and at the same time buy a home that is more suitable for your needs.

More information to answer the ever popular question: “How can a reverse mortgage help me?” It also highlights the most popular reasons people get reverse mortgage loans.

There are many misconceptions about reverse mortgages. The videos above highlight the most common myths and discuss the safeguards that both the government, AARP and HUD have been instrumental in instituting. It is because of these efforts that reverse mortgages are a safe and secure financial tool for many seniors today.

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