You Are Eligible If:

  • At least one owner on the title to your home is 62 or older
  • Your home is your primary residence
  • You have a lot of equity in your home (at least 40 to 50%)
  • Or you own your home free and clear with no mortgage
  • Your home is a single family residence, an FHA approved condominium, an owner occupied 2 to 4 unit residential property, or a townhouse.
  • You complete HUD approved senior counseling

Eligibility Does Not Include:

  • Good credit or
  • Good health

If you meet the above requirements you are eligible for this type of equity loan. Simply request personalized information below to see how much money you will receive from the equity in  your home.


As you learn more about the qualifications for the FHA insured Senior home equity loan, you will find out that determining eligibility is not just about whether you own your house free and clear (or close to it.)  Equally as important is what type of property you own. There are severe restrictions for certain kinds of homes, such as coops, condominiums where the owner’s rent the land, rural properties, income producing property, log houses, and most manufactured homes.

In fact, at the present time, there are essentially no lenders offering these loans for manufactured homes, regardless of whether they meet HUD guidelines or not. This is unfortunate, but the lenders have the gold and they make the rules.

If you wish, you can read a more detailed explanation of the qualification requirements here.  Or, if you prefer, simply click below and request a personalized summary.