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homey3Let Your Home Pay You is a comprehensive resource center dedicated to providing senior homeowners and their families with the most accurate and detailed information pertaining to Reverse Mortgage Loans. We offer facts about how reverse mortgages work, how to qualify for a reverse mortgage, things to consider before applying for a reverse mortgage loan and resources to consumer information from sources such as AARP, FTC, HUD, National Council on Aging and numerous other trusted  senior advocacy organizations that will help guide you through the educational process.

Just as you would not ask a plumber to paint your house, or a dentist to operate on your gallbladder, you should not use a “forward” (traditional) mortgage lender to assist you in obtaining a reverse mortgage. Reverse mortgage loans require a trained specialist that is dedicated to the education and counseling of the senior applicant and their family. As you probably know by now, a reverse mortgage is very different from a traditional mortgage and has many nuances that would be unknown to a loan originator that has not been certified as a reverse mortgage specialist.

Our advisers have been specifically trained in reverse mortgage loans and specialize in educating and improving the lives of seniors. Our senior advisers are considered experts in the field of reverse mortgage loans. Many are long standing members of NRMLA (National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Assoc.), CSA (Society of Certified Senior Advisors) and NEB (National Ethics Bureau). A recommended reverse mortgage specialist will always meet you and your family with the highest level of integrity and a no pressure philosophy.

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