Oregon Reverse Mortgage Borrowers Property Tax Deferral Reinstated

oregon reverse mortgageOregon Reverse Mortgage borrowers that were suddenly dropped from the low income property tax deferment program in July, 2011 have been temporarily reinstated. Temporarily, being the operative word here. The extension is for two years….What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

Once again we saw the unintended consequences that occur when government officials enact legislative actions without proper research and consideration of the collateral damage that those unilateral changes will make in the lives of their constituents.

Luckily, for Oregon reverse mortgage borrowers, this misstep only took 7 months to roll back. However, keep in mind it’s only a two year reprieve. We must be vigilant and make sure seniors in low income brackets remain protected going forward. Make your voices heard in Oregon so this becomes permanent and cannot cause havoc in the future for Oregon reverse mortgage borrowers.

Read the full article from The Regal Courier here.

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