Reverse Mortgage For Home Purchase

Reverse Mortgage for Home Purchase is not a new concept.  However, HECM for Purchase as they are called, are finally beginning to show up on the radar screens for more financial industry experts, media publishers, builders, realtors and the public in general.

The Washington Post recently said this about Reverse Mortgage for Home Purchase

Reverse mortgages can be good option for seniors
Do you know that if you are 62 years or older you may be able to buy a house or a condominium using a reverse mortgage? A reverse mortgage allows you to get money from a lender, but you do not have to pay it back (or make any monthly payments) until …


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Read More about how to buy a house with a reverse mortgage. Find out how much money is required from you, how to determine what price home you can afford, and how to think in terms of overall financial planning when considering a Reverse Mortgage for Home Purchase.

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